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Shop the best Notion templates, Notion productivity planners, Notion templates for students, or download the best free Notion templates here.
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Using the Notion app? Download our free Notion widgets to personalize your Notion templates & level up your productivity. Coming soon.
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Personalize your Notion templates with free Notion icons. Discover our 100+ free Notion icons. They're easy to use for Notion begginers. Coming soon.
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Just downloaded the Notion app? Looking for Notion for begginers tips & tricks? Start with our Notion blog for the best how to use Notion tips.
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"Very cute! One of the best Notion templates I've used. As we all know, Notion isn't the easiest app to start with but once you get it.. you'll never use another planning app again. Seriously good."


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"This is my second purchase from these guys. I'm pretty new to Notion but tbh have been obsessed. I'm a happy customer & have recommended this specific template to 3 of my friends this week."


Verified Etsy Purchase

"Super nice looking template. It was easy to download & has been easy to use so far.. would recommend it for self improvement / self help ppl like me. 👍"


Verified Etsy Purchase

"Happy customer. You can tell this template was made by a fellow ADHDer. It's easy to use but has everything to keep track of the stuff other people do easily. If managing the "little" things feels difficult and use notion, I'd give this template a try."


Verified Etsy Purchase

Supercharge your notion workflow. ⚡️

The Notion app is a powerful tool for organizing your life & business. Improving your Notion skills will almost certainly help you become 10x more efficient & 10x more productive. Before you can thrive using our complete Notion dashboards, start by learning the basics of Notion, such as creating pages, databases, calendars, & blocks. Familiarize yourself with the different tools available in Notion, including text, image, & video. Once you're used to using Notion, you can really take advantage of our advanced Notion templates & tricks like these...

Keyboard shortcuts: Notion has several keyboard shortcuts that help you save time & be more efficient. 

Invest in templates: We make Notion dashboards with a wide range of templates for different use cases, including task management, project planning, & note-taking. Use these Notion templates to learn how to structure and organize information effectively. We also make Notion templates for your personal life, including self-care planning, fitness tracking, & our 5-minute morning journals. But if you're new to the Notion app & are looking for Notion for beginners templates, start with our free Notion templates here.

Customize your workspace: Our Notion templates allow you to fully customize your workspace to suit your needs. Experiment with different layouts & block types to find a system that works best for you.

Utilize integrations: Notion integrates with a variety of other tools, such as Google Drive, Spotify, Trello, & Slack. Learn how to use these integrations to streamline your workflow & increase productivity.

Collaborate with others: Notion is a collaborative tool that allows multiple users to work together on a project. Practice collaborating with others to learn how to share information & work effectively as a team in Notion.

Continuously learn & improve: Notion is constantly evolving & our templates keep getting more advanced with new features & updates being released regularly. Stay up to date with these changes & continue to use YouTube, blog posts, & Twitter to learn & improve your Notion skills over time.

If you want to get started learning Notion, get Atomic, our dark-mode business planner. Click here to get it for free.

About Good Job 

Notion Templates

Notion templates are pre-designed pages or databases that you can import into your own Notion workspace & customize to fit your needs. They can be created by Notion or by other designers (like us), & they range from simple to complex templates.

Buying a high-quality Notion template can be beneficial because they allow you to save countless hours creating your own pages & databases from scratch.


With Good Job templates, you can quickly get started with a layout that has already been thought out & Notion Certified tested, & you can modify it to suit your own requirements.

Our Notion templates provide you with inspiration & new ideas on how to structure your content & organize your workflows. By browsing through our different Notion templates, you'll discover new ways to use Notion & improve your productivity.

Notion Widgets

Notion widgets are small applications that can be integrated into your Notion pages to enhance their functionality (or add some serious personality) to your Notion workspace. Widgets can even allow you to perform specific tasks within Notion without having to switch to other apps or services.

There are many different types of Notion widgets available, including:

  1. Embeds: Allows you to embed content from other websites or services directly into your Notion pages.

  2. Calendars: Provides a calendar view within Notion that can be used to schedule & manage events.

  3. To-do lists: Allows you to create & manage tasks within Notion.

  4. Tables: Provides a table view within Notion that can be used to organize data.

  5. Kanban boards: Allows you to create & manage tasks using a Kanban board view.


Notion widgets are usually beneficial because they help you to streamline your workflow & keep all of your tasks & information in one place. By using Notion widgets, you'll find yourself saving time & effort by not having to switch between different apps or services to perform different tasks.

Widgets can also help you to stay organized & focused by providing you with a clear view of your tasks & schedule. By using widgets like calendars & to-do lists, you can prioritize your tasks & ensure that you are staying on top of your work.

We've created a database of our top free notion widgets to help you to work more efficiently & effectively by providing you with additional functionality within Notion. By choosing the right free notion widgets for your needs, you can create a personalized workspace that helps you to stay organized & productive

Notion Icons

Notion icons are small graphical symbols or images used to represent various types of content within Notion, our favorite productivity & organization tool. These icons are used to visually distinguish between different types of content, such as databases, tables, pages, & files, & help you quickly identify & locate templates.

Notion icons are available in a wide range of styles, colors, & designs, & can even be customized to suit your style. We've compiled some of the best free Notion icons including minimalist, flat, & colorful designs.

Notion Blog

We are a community of Vancouver-based Notion enthusiasts dedicated to helping users maximize their productivity & organization within the Notion app. Our mission is to provide you with the best Notion templates, free Notion widgets, free Notion icons, & valuable insights, tips, & best practices to help you achieve your goals & streamline your workflow in Notion. 

Whether you just downloaded Notion today or are an advanced Notion user looking to optimize your productivity, our Notion blog is designed to cater to all levels of Notion experience.


Our small team of writers (who are serious Notion users themselves), share their knowledge, experiences, & tips to help you get the most out of this powerful app we know & love. We typically cover a wide range of topics, including database management, task tracking, project planning, note-taking, & more. While those topics might seem heavy, we do our best to make sure our articles are easy-to-read, informative, & often include step-by-step tutorials to help you implement the tips in your own Notion workspace.

Here at Good Job, we value collaboration and community. We encourage you to share your own tips & experiences with us on Twitter & engage in discussions with fellow users.


Our goal is to create a space where we can all learn from each other & become more efficient and effective in our work and personal lives using Notion

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