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Dark mode notion templates
Atomic 💰 Notion Dark Mode Business Planner
Hunter 🚀 Product Hunt Launch Notion Template
Good Mood 😎 Free Notion Template Morning Planner
Recharge 🔋 Notion Self-Care Journal Template
Good Idea 💡 Eisenhower Matrix Notion Template

Good Job's free Notion templates are trusted by 17,000+ happy Notion users and featured on..

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Get 5 of our best free Notion templates instantly. 👇

Free Notion templates are a great way to get started with Notion and can help you stay organized and increase your productivity. Whether you’re a creative professional, a goal-setter, or a project manager, Good Job has useful Notion templates that are perfect for you.

Your templates are on the way!

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"Very cute! One of the best free Notion templates I've used. As we all know, Notion isn't the easiest app to start with but once you get it.. you'll never use another planning app again. Seriously good."


Verified Etsy Purchase

"This is my second purchase from these guys. I'm pretty new to Notion but tbh have been obsessed. I'm a happy customer & have recommended this specific template to 3 of my friends this week."


Verified Etsy Purchase

"Super nice looking template. It was easy to download & has been easy to use so far.. would recommend it for self improvement / self help ppl like me. 👍"


Verified Etsy Purchase

"Happy customer. You can tell this template was made by a fellow ADHDer. It's easy to use but has everything to keep track of the stuff other people do easily. If managing the "little" things feels difficult and use notion, I'd give this template a try."


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New to Notion? Get started with 5 free Notion templates. Already using our Notion templates? Learn Notion tips & how-to's with Notion for beginners tutorials.

New to Notion templates? Let's get you started.

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Every Notion template that we make is built to exceed your expectations, so no matter the question or comment, we're here to assist you 7 days a week.

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Introducing Good Job, your go-to destination for top-notch Notion productivity templates. Our small Canadian company takes pride in offering a diverse array of the best free Notion templates tailored to elevate your workflow efficiency. Whether you're searching for the best Notion free templates or seeking out innovative Notion widgets free of charge, Good Job has you covered. We take pride in bringing you the most useful Notion Templates. With a passion for seamless organization and productivity enhancement, our free Notion templates are designed to empower professionals, students, and creatives alike. Any of our templates can be used as a mobile Notion template. Unlock the full potential of Notion with our comprehensive collection of customizable templates. Elevate your productivity game today with Good Job's exceptional Notion templates.

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