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Get The 777 Breakup Program For FREE
Heal your heart in just 7 days

  • ​The 777 Breakup Program sells for $97 on Etsy & Gumroad

  • FREE Lifetime Access For First 100 Downloads

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Heal your heartache in just 7 days

Save over $97 and get the #1 therapist-recommended break program for $0

 777 guides you through 7 daily habits and 7 key foundations to help you cope, heal, and emerge stronger post-breakup. 777 uses Notion to help you through every day of the program.


Reinvent yourself in just 7 days after a breakup

Navigate through the post-breakup storm with our 777 Breakup Program. This unique and empowering 7-day Notion planner teaches you 7 foundational practices and encourages you to adopt 7 daily habits, setting you on a path to healing, self-discovery, and reinvention.


Heal your heart in a week

Breakups can be challenging, but they don't have to last forever. The 777 Breakup Program is designed to help you navigate through your feelings and emotions in just 7 days. Learn the 7 foundations, practice daily healing habits and begin your journey towards recovery today.


Find your healing path in just 7 days

Heal from a breakup doesn't have to be a lonely journey. With our simple, step-by-step Notion planner, follow the path of 7 foundations and daily habits. Transform your pain into growth in just 7 days with the 777 Breakup Program.


Heal your heart in just 7 days

Breakups are hard, but they don't have to be long. The 777 Breakup Program teaches you the foundations and daily habits to heal from a breakup in just a week. Start on the path towards healing today with our simple yet effective program.


Take the first step towards healing and rediscovering your self-worth.


What’s Included

7-Day Breakup Program

Notion Template Planner


7 Promises

7 Goals

7 Things To Do

7 Lessons

7 Days Of Sobriety

7 Reviews

Daily Habits:

Morning Journal



To-Do Checklist

3 Friends (Communication)

Mood Journal

Evening Reflections

Daily Habit Checklist

Additional Resources:

Medication Tracker

Bucket List



Book Recommendations 


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