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Can You Use Notion With Apple Pencil?

You bet!

Notion's iPadOS and iOS apps support the use of Apple Pencil, allowing you to handwrite notes, sketch diagrams, or annotate documents directly on your device.

To use Apple Pencil in Notion, you'll need to have an iPad or iPhone that's compatible with Apple Pencil (such as an iPad Pro or iPad Air), & you'll need to pair your Apple Pencil with your device.

After you've paired your Apple Pencil, you can use it in Notion to write or draw on pages, just like a regular pen and paper. You can also use the Apple Pencil to select and move blocks of text or images, highlight text, or create checklists.

Using an Apple Pencil in Notion can be an awesome way to enhance your Notion experience, especially if you prefer handwriting notes or drawing diagrams!

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