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Hello Kitty Theme Digital Planner? Cute! Free Notion Templates For College Students

Introducing our Hello Notion Pink Aesthetic Kitty Theme Notion Template! 🐱💖

hello kitty digital planner notion

Hey there, Notion template enthusiast! We've got something adorable to enhance your daily routines – our Cute Kitty Theme Pink Aesthetic Digital Planner, now available for Notion.

With this delightful set of pink aesthetic Notion digital planners, you can bring a touch of cuteness to your life while staying incredibly organized. Whether you're planning your days, weeks, months, or the entire year, Hello Notion has you covered. And the best part? This Notion planner is undated, so they're perfect for any time of year.

hello kity digital planner notion2

This cute Notion template is designed to cater to all your needs, whether it's for homeschooling, self-care planning, or simply maintaining that much-needed sense of organization.

So, why wait? Get your paws on this adorable stationery and transform every moment into a delightful experience! 🐾💕

Don't miss out – get Hello Notion today!

hello kitty digital planner

What’s Included?

Cute Kitty Theme Pink Aesthetic Notion Template Digital Productivity Planner

Pink Morning Journal

Gratitude List

Goals List

Digital Habit Tracker

Mental Health Reminders

Aesthetic Bucket List

Overthinking Support

Reading List


YouTube Bookmarks

Pink Calendar


Box Breathing

Communication With Friends

Inspirational Quotes

+ More Aesthetic Notion Templates

This Notion template is also considered one of the best Notion Templates for college students. Featuring a complete student planner template to organize note books, assignments, exams & even a Notion grades tracker for college students!


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