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How Real Estate Agents Use Notion Templates To Improve Productivity & Manage Properties.

Streamline Your Real Estate Business With Good Agent OS.

Stay organized, manage properties, and enhance client relations with our top-rated 25-in-1 Notion Template tailored for real estate agents.

Good Agent is your ultimate Notion template that simplifies the complex world of real estate. Organize your listings, clients, contracts, and more in one accessible place. Say goodbye to cluttered spreadsheets and hello to streamlined success.

Elevate your property listings.

Stay organized and manage your real estate listings with ease. Our Notion template is designed specifically for real estate agents, allowing you to neatly plan and track all of your property listings in one place.

Manage your clients with ease.

Stay on top of your client relationships with our extensive Client CRM & Database. Keep track of important details, preferences, and interactions to provide the best service and close deals faster. With Good Agent, managing your real estate business is a breeze.

10x Your Productivity.

Simplify your workflow and impress your clients with over 25 advanced templates designed specifically for real estate agents. With Good Agent, you'll have the tools to streamline your process and stay ahead in a competitive market.

What’s Included:

  • Calendar

  • Project Inbox

  • Task Checklist

  • Schedule

  • Files Manager

  • Weekly 1:1 Check-in

  • Travel Planner

  • Social Media Planner

  • Goals

  • Mission Statement

  • Onboarding Templates

  • Property Listing Planner

  • Invoice Templates

  • Agreement Templates

  • Link In Bio Templates

  • Priority To-Do Checklist

  • Listing Manager

  • Quick Notes

  • Meeting Notes

  • Idea Manager

  • CRM

  • Contract Manager

  • Listing Database

  • Office Manager

  • Login (Password) Manager

  • Much More


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