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How To Plan A Successful Product Hunt Launch With Ease Using The Ultimate Dark Mode Notion Template.


Plan your successful Product Hunt launch with ease. Hunter is your strategic guide for a well-organized and efficient Product Hunt launch. This powerful Dark Mode Notion template will help you turn your startup dreams into reality.

Master Your Start-Up's Product Hunt Launch

Be prepared for your start-up's big day with the Hunter Product Hunt Planner Notion Template. This template guides you through every step of planning your launch on Product Hunt, ensuring you have all your bases covered for a successful reveal.

Plan every phase for a successful Product Hunt launch.

A well-planned launch can make all the difference for a startup. Use our 6-phase Notion planner designed specifically for founders to ensure your Product Hunt debut is a resounding success. Prepare, plan, and execute your launch flawlessly with Hunter.


Plan for success with Hunter comprehensive Founder Toolkit.

Don't leave your Product Hunt launch to chance. The Hunter Notion Template is designed specifically for founders and includes everything you need to plan for success - from a marketing plan template to a goals tracker. Stay organized, track your budget, manage assets, and keep notes all in one place.

Achieve a flawless Product Hunt launch.

Navigate your start-up's Product Hunt launch effortlessly with our comprehensive Hunter Dark Mode Notion template. With strategic tools such as an event planner, tutorials, and inspiration at your fingertips, you're set for a successful launch day. Plan meticulously, strategize effectively and monitor your progress all in one place.

What’s Included:

Dark Mode Notion Template

Complete Product Hunt Launch Guide

6-phase Checklist From Idea to Post-launch Optimization

Founder Notes

Complete Marketing Plan Notion Template

Launch Budget

Brand Asset Manager

Launch Goals

Launch Schedule / Notion Calendar

Launch Party Planner

Pros & Cons List Template

Tutorial Manager

Creative Inspiration Board

+ More Templates Specifically Designed For Start-up Founders launching their app on


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