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Discover 24 of the best free Notion Templates for 2024

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

The New Year brings with it new goals and aspirations, and what better way to stay organized and on top of your game than with the best free Notion templates? From planning your startup launch on Product Hunt to managing your self-care routine and personal life, these 24 free Notion templates will revolutionize how you work and live in 2024.

New to Notion? We get it. Learning to embrace a new app as your go-to daily planner can feel like a daunting task, particularly for beginners. Notion's flexibility and vast array of features often leave new users bewildered. However, with the correct templates, you can transform Notion into a powerful productivity hub tailored to your needs.

The Power of Free Notion Templates

Free Notion templates are the secret weapon of the Notion community. Templates are designed by experienced users who understand the platform's potential and have tailored solutions for countless use cases.

At Good Job, we firmly believe that most people can thrive using free Notion templates, and there's often no need to purchase one, even from us. We recently celebrated our first year as a company, and throughout this short period of time, over 17,000 people have used our free Notion templates. Our commitment to offering no-cost productivity tools is reflected in our creation of the r/freenotiontemplates subreddit, a vibrant community with over 2,000 members dedicated to sharing the best free Notion templates on Reddit. So, if you want hundreds of free Notion templates, we recommend starting there.

However, if you’re ready to discover our expert-curated collection of free Notion templates for 2024, keep reading & download your favorites as you go. Every template on this list was hand-picked to help simplify your work and boost productivity.

Personal Growth Templates

Personal growth templates are ideal for those focused on personal development. They range from journals to goal-setting to habit-tracking features, helping you stay on track with your growth journey.

  1. Good Morning: 5-Minute Morning Journal

Good Morning is an easy-to-use morning planner. This free Notion template includes a daily planner, a priority to-do checklist, and an under-5-minute morning journal. Using a morning journal will help give you a productive push every morning.

Free notion template morning planner

2. Recharge: Self-Care Planner

Recharge encourages you to engage in regular self-care practices. The self-care template provides suggestions and allows you to schedule these activities, ensuring you take time for yourself amidst a busy schedule.


3. Good Mood: Daily Mood Tracker

Good Mood helps you track your mood and improve your emotional wellbeing. With Good Mood, you can easily monitor your daily emotions to better understand patterns, triggers, and trends in one Notion template.

notion mood tracker template

4. Glow: Skincare Tracker

Glow acts as your own personalized skincare planner in Notion. Glow was designed to help you achieve radiant, healthy skin effortlessly. Think of Glow as your skincare journey companion, crafted to simplify and streamline your daily regimen while tracking your progress over time.

skin care notion template

5. Sprout: Meal Planner Template

This Notion meal planner template is handy for sorting your recipes, strategizing your meals, and preparing them efficiently. It boasts a built-in timer widget and a unit converter. As well as a gallery of food stickers. However, the standout feature is its capacity to adjust ingredient quantities to accommodate different serving sizes instantly.

Notion meal planner

6. 777: 7-Day Breakup Program

777 is a free Notion template that helps guide you through 7 daily habits and 7 foundations to help you cope, heal, and emerge stronger post-breakup. 777 uses a Notion dark mode dashboard layout to help you through every day of the program.

break up program

Professional Growth Templates

Professional templates typically offer a hassle-free approach to managing your projects. They enable you to organize, track, and customize tasks, deadlines, and business or academic progress all in one place.

7. Atomic: Notion Darkmode Business Planner

Over 5,000 entrepreneurs trust Atomic to help plan their business. The Notion darkmode template includes 12 sections to help you keep organized, stay on budget, & plan for the future of your business.

notion business planner

8. Hunter: Product Hunt Launch Planner

Feel prepared for your start-up's big day with Hunter, it’s an all-in-one Product Hunt launch planner. This template guides founders through every step of planning a launch on Product Hunt, ensuring they have all their bases covered for a successful reveal.

product hunt notion template

9. Good Idea: Eisenhower Matrix Idea Manager

The Eisenhower Matrix Idea Manager Notion Template allows you to prioritize your tasks using the proven Eisenhower decision matrix method, ensuring you always focus on what truly matters.

matrix notion template

10. Accelerate: Property Listing Planner

Accelerate is a Notion template specifically designed for real estate agents to streamline the process of listing a property, making it easier and more productive. From gathering property information to creating eye-catching marketing materials, Accelerate has you covered.

property notion template

11. Ninja: Business Launch Planner

Ninja is the ultimate business launch planner for anyone who wants to start a new business or take their existing business to the next level in 2024.

ninja notion business planner

12. List It: Realtor Management System

List It is an advanced real estate listing management system that goes far beyond what you’d expect from a free Notion template.

real estate notion template

13. TikTok Video Manager: Social Media Planner

This video idea manager was designed for TikTok creators using the Eisenhower decision matrix model. Over 1,000 TikTok creators used this template to help them focus on their content ideas. It's not about doing everything, it's about doing the right things.

notion tiktok idea manager

14. Professional Event Planner Template

This comprehensive free Notion dark mode event planner was designed for professional event planners who need to elevate their productivity and streamline their event management process.

notion event planner template

15. A+: Notion Template For College Students

A+ was designed for college students. The free Notion template makes it easy to keep track of student schedules, class calendars, homework assignments, and academic goals.

free notion student template

Aesthetic Templates (Misc.)

These aesthetically pleasing templates have a range of uses, from wedding planning to a Windows 95-themed website. This section was curated for the best tools to cultivate happiness, laughter and a more positive 2024.

16. Free Notion Wedding Planner

Plan your dream wedding effortlessly with the #1 Free Notion Wedding Planner Template available. This Notion template is worth over $100 and helps you stay organized, track tasks, plus manage all the details for your big day, all in one place.

notion wedding planner template

17. Cake: Birthday Party Planner

Use this aesthetic event planner Notion template to help plan your birthday party. Imagine having a trusted friend by your side, a friend who has every party detail covered. Cake is exactly that, a digital bestie for planning unforgettable birthday parties.

notion party plan template

18. Merlot: Digital Wine Library

Elevate your wine experience with Merlot, the comprehensive Notion Wine Library designed for true wine enthusiasts. This digital wine library allows you to chronicle your wine discoveries and organize them all in one convenient place. It's more than just a journal - it's your personal gateway to the world of wines.

notion wine library

19. Notion95: Windows 95 Template

This retro template was designed to look and feel just like Windows 95. Complete with the iconic start menu and taskbar. You'll feel like you're using a classic computer from the 90s but with all the modern productivity features of Notion.

notion dark mode windows 95

20. Hello Notion: Hello Kitty Theme Notion Template

With this delightful set of pink aesthetic Notion digital planners, you can bring a touch of cuteness to your life while staying incredibly organized. The best part? This Hello Kitty-inspired Notion planner is undated, so it’s perfect for any time of year.

hello kitty notion template

21. Pac-Plan: Retro Game Pac-Man Theme Template

Improve your productivity with a nostalgic twist! Meet Pac-Plan, your nostalgia-inducing Notion dark mode template with our favorite vintage retro game theme. Pac-Plan is your all-in-one Notion template that seamlessly blends the world of organization with the beloved Pac-Man universe.

notion pac man template

22. Notion-Zilla: Kaiju Godzilla Monster Theme Template

Are you tired of boring and bland productivity tools? Get yourself a monstrous upgrade with Notion-Zilla. This kaiju-themed Notion template is here to revolutionize your workspace and supercharge your efficiency.

godzilla notion template

23. Top 23 Notion Widgets of 2023

We've compiled the best 23 free Notion widgets of 2023. Some are weird, and some are super useful. You’ll have a blast going through these.

free notion widgets

24. Good Life OS

Good Life OS is not a free Notion template, but it defined our last year as a company, so if you made it this far, we’d love to close this article by sharing our story of how we created the most advanced Notion template ever made.

We love free Notion templates, but hundreds of our customers asked for something serious for professionals. After we came up with the idea, we spent over six months developing Good Life OS to help our customers feel an unparalleled sense of control over their work, health, & life like never before. Good Life OS is far more than a Notion template. It’s a life management system featuring over 40 powerful templates in an easy-to-use dashboard. If you broke apart each of the 40 templates found in Good Life OS, you’d get a market value of about $400, but to help you start 2024 off right, you won’t pay $400 - instead, you can get Good Life OS for only $97. Interested? Get Good Life OS here.

good life os notion template

Now that you have 24 amazing template options let’s learn how to personalize your Notion workspace. Find out how to tailor your free Notion templates to fit your unique workflow.


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