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Pac-Man Theme Digital Planner. Free Notion Dark Mode Template.

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Introducing Pac-Plan: The Ultimate Retro Theme Arcade Game Notion Template! 🕹️

Elevate your Notion productivity game with a nostalgic twist! Meet Pac-Plan, your nostalgia-inducing Notion dark mode template with our favorite vintage retro game theme. Pac-Plan is your all-in-one Notion template that seamlessly blends the world of organization with the beloved Pac-Man universe.


👾 Retro Arcade Themed Dark Mode Design: Dive into your tasks with the charming company of Pac-Plan, adding a fun and friendly touch to your Notion dark mode workspace.

📝 Interactive To-Do Lists: Turn your to-do list into a thrilling game.

🕹️ Customizable Layout: Tailor Pac-Plan to your unique needs. Easily modify and organize your Notion dark mode template to suit your workflow, making it as effective as a power-up in the game.

📆 Calendar Integration: Stay on top of deadlines and events with an integrated calendar that's as reliable as Pac-Man munching on pellets.

📊 Progress Tracking: Monitor your productivity with insightful progress trackers, helping you level up your daily accomplishments.

⚙️ User-Friendly Setup: Whether you're a Notion pro or a beginner, Pac-Plan is designed for easy setup and immediate use, so you can start conquering tasks right away.


Transform your work and life management into a thrilling adventure. With Pac-Plan, every task becomes a chance to level up, and every day is a new high score waiting to be achieved.

Get ready to power up your productivity while reliving the nostalgia of one of the greatest arcade games ever created. Pac-Plan is your ticket to a more fun and efficient way of managing your tasks. Don't miss out – grab Pac-Plan today and embark on a productivity journey that's as exciting as a Pac-Man maze! 🍒📝👾

What’s Included?

Notion Dark Mode Templates

Dark-Mode Calendar

Notion Inbox

To-Do Checklist


Morning Journal


Habit Tracker


Bucket List

Reflection Journal

Reading List


YouTube Bookmarks

+ Notion Templates For College Students. Including: Note Books, Assignments, Exams, Grades Tracker & More.


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